Well over 4000 kilometres of river systems criss-crosses the entire island of Borneo and this is a principal means of transportation linking many of the hinterland areas.  From expansive river mouths to small swift flowing streams, these rivers are truly the lifelines, providing the water supply to sustain the prolific life of the island. River adventures such as white water rafting, kayaking, bamboo rafting and more are fast gaining popularity, as these are great activities that bring you close to nature and engage with the peoples of the quaint villages dotting the waters edges.

Borneo River Adventure


    Wetlands Wonders (Evening Tour)

    3 Hours

    The Kuching Wetlands National Park a designated RAMSAR site (www.ramsar.org) is one of the most bio-diverse national parks in all of Sarawak.  Take on our Wetlands Wonders excursions to truly experience this unique feature of wild Borneo.

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