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Pedal Power Series : SW Discovery

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All about the Pedal Power Series : SW Discovery.

Explore the southwestern parts of Kuching on Pedal Power. This scenic bicycle ride is filled with historical monuments and amazing buildings. Informational stops are made along the ride for you to take in the beautiful scenery as well as to learn the interesting history behind this beautiful part of the town.

This awesome ride includes a rest stop to sample some local refreshments. A great way to enjoy and understand the city’s pulse beyond the walkable areas.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Bicycle and helmet
  • An English speaking leader
  • Boat Fee
  • Afternoon tea or simple lunch (dependent upon departure times)
  • 500 ml Drinking Water
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Any other items not listed above
  • Gratuities to local staff (at your discretion)
  1. Pedal Power Kuching

    Meet at the BEX adventure station for a safety and tour briefing at 2 pm. Proceed cycling to Reservoir Park to see Kuching’s old aqueduct. You may then need to push your bike up some of the small hills as we head towards the DBKU Amphitheatre and Civic Centre Tower.  A downhill ride sees us visiting St. Joseph’s Cathedral a stylish architectural landmark with its Ironwood or Belian shingled modern shaped roof.

    We continue riding pass the city’s main square known as Padang Merdeka literally translated as Field of Independence.  Here we stop to view the Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple, the only Sikh temple in Kuching. Continuing onwards, we pass the Kuching Mosque and soon you will notice a dramatic shift in the pace of life as you cycle into the relaxed tempo of the peaceful Malay village life. The Malay settlement of Kampung Masjid and Kampung Kudei with its many cheerfully painted vernacular houses is a vast contrast to the concrete jungle along the other end of the Sarawak River.  Say hello to the locals and admire their beautiful traditional Malay houses as you pedal by.


    Cruising along, we arrive at the Satok Market, one of the largest produce markets in Kuching.  It should now be close to 4 pm and the best time to head to the food court to enjoy some local teatime favourites.  Explore this interesting market complete with an array of local fruits, vegetables and other produce and engage with some of the friendly stall keepers.   After this short break, we continue cycling towards Kampung Tupong another Malay village on the other side of the Sarawak River where we were at earlier.


    Passing Kampung Tupong, we arrive at the boat jetty and take Kuching’s iconic riverboat or Tambang across the Sarawak River with our bike on board.   It is now approximately 6 pm as we arrive back on the city side of the river. We pedal through Kuching city and make our way back from the jetty to where you started your tour, the BEX adventure station.

You will explore, by bike, the old new parts of the city. Where the Malay villages still live in wooden house and where the new government building the DUN at a cost of 4 million Ringgit stands next them.

We would recommend long sleeved t – shirts and short trousers that cover the knees. Comfortable walking shoes/trainers, Peaked Cap, Sunglasses and a light rain coat/ Poncho

Mosquito repellent, small personal first aid kit, camera, hand phone, copy of your passport’s photo ID page, spare batteries, Lens, light rain coat/ Poncho, Day Bag, anything else you can’t do without. (extra water is always a good idea)

Providing you can touch the pedals or the ground then you are good to go.

No, not here but Kuching offers a wide variety of historical sites to compensate that.

Yes, you can but without a guide, you will miss so much.

The tours last almost 4 hours but half of that time will be spent discussing historic buildings and points of interest.

Yes, you can as long as it is being used for person use only and it does not impair your cycling ability.

No, not at this time.

Yes, you can but please remember, we will stop at various points on the way to try some local snacks, so please leave room for them.

Yes, you can, from almost any coffee shop that we pass on the way.

Yes, toilets are along the waterfront and various other locations.

There are a few crocodiles roaming around the Sarawak River and the odd monitor lizard but you are more inclined to see cats and birds on this type of city tour…but you never know.

Some of our tours require the use of local transport, The Sampan, a small taxi boat that will carry us and our bike, from one side of the River Sarawak, to the other.

You can book a tour with Borneo Experiences on line or call into the Singgahasana Lodge in Kuching and book from there.


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