Fairy & Wind Caves

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All about the Fairy & Wind Caves.

The Fairy and Wind Caves Nature Reserves are a mere hour’s drive from Kuching City.

Fairy Cave rises to approximately 3-storeys in height.  A quick climb through the cave opens up into a main chamber. Sunlight streams into this chamber affording spectacular views of the limestone formation.

A 10 minutes drive from Fairy Cave is the Wind Cave, a network of interlinking tunnel like caves beside a picturesque stream.  This is an interesting cave system to explore riddled with bats and swiftlets. Try spotting for some of the valuable bird’s nest with some eggs in it.

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  • Return transfers (Surcharge applies for transfer from hotels outside of Kuching City)
  • Entrance fee
  • An English speaking guide
  • Please note this tour will carry a surcharge should your requested dates fall on  Public Holiday. For more information please go to our FAQ’s page for more information regarding Public Holidays and surcharges.
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  • Gratuities to local staff (at your discretion)

The Wind Cave, got its name from the cooling breeze blowing continuously through the cave. It is a smooth, tubular limestone cave formed during the Jurassic-Cretaceous period, roughly 60 million years ago. Excavations by early explorers such as Beccari in 1865 have shown that the Wind Cave may have been inhabited until recent times. Earthenware vessels, charcoal and pieces of marine and freshwater shells were found. The deep pits within the cave may have been made by gold prospectors in the 1930’s.

A 1000-metre plank walk runs throughout the length of the cave, so it is easy and safe to explore, although the interior of the cave is unlit and therefore a flashlight is essential. A small stream meanders through the cave and joins the Sungai Sarawak Kanan at the northern end. The main cave passages are wide with flat roofs, while the smaller passages form an irregular network in the northern section of the cave.

Not far from Wind Cave is the Fairy Cave, located 8 km away. A flight of 3 floors of concrete steps lead up to the cave entrance high in a limestone cliff. Like the Wind Cave, there are plank walks to help visitors explore some of the passages but it will require a lot of up and down man made steps if you want to explore the cave fully. There is plenty of daylight that comes into the Fairy Cave that at the right time, on the right day, makes the whole cave look very mystical.

Over the years, various strangely formed stalagmites rise out from the floor from within the cave. Some people say the fairy cave gets its name from the limestone creations rising out of the floor, some do indeed look like fairies.  

We would recommend long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers, comfortable hiking boots, large brimmed hat or cap, sunglasses and a light raincoat/ Poncho.

Mosquito repellent, small personal first aid kit, spare t – shirt, camera, handphone, a copy of your passport’s photo ID page, spare batteries, Lens, light raincoat/ Poncho, Day Bag, Torch…. anything else you can’t do without.

The Bats are more interested in catching bugs and small flying insects…if you have bugs or small flying insects in your hair then maybe.

Yes, you can but without a guide, you will miss so much more. Outside of the caves, there are some interesting local sceneries which your guide may explore with you.

3 hours.

Yes, you can as long as it is being used for personal use only.

No, not at this time.

Food is readily available outside of the caves, we would not recommend you bring any food into the caves unless you are look for an extreme close up of the bats.

Yes, you can, from the small mobile café/ shop within the car park

Yes, toilets are at the main entrances at both caves

There is an abundance of bats, Swifts, Snakes, Exotic Flowers and bugs.  

About 1 hour, if the traffic is in your favour

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