Blue Eyed Lizard

As the sun sets and the Orangutans retire into their nests, an army of very different creatures emerges, turning the forest into a kaleidoscope of sounds, sights, and scents, a truly ‘avatar moment’. Gremlin-like primates feast on reptiles and insects; prehistoric anteaters forage the forest floor and blue-eyed lizards and cat-like geckos perched high in […]

Fairy Caves

The Fairy and Wind Caves Nature Reserves are a mere hour’s drive from Kuching City. Fairy Cave rises to approximately 3-storeys in height.  A quick climb through the cave opens up into a main chamber. Sunlight streams into this chamber affording spectacular views of the limestone formation. A 10 minutes drive from Fairy Cave is the […]


We invite you to see the Borneo Rainforest from a fresh perspective, away from the heavily trodden trails. Enjoy the pristine surrounds as you get expertly punted downriver in a bamboo raft through class I water. Your guides will share the river’s secrets including local history and native Borneo flora and fauna.  Plunge into the refreshing waters […]


Treat yourself to a fun filled day kayaking in some of the most beautiful natural settings around Kuching! This adventure will have you paddling leisurely on the upper reaches of the Sarawak River where depending on the season, the water can be clear and most refreshing. Savor the sights of unique limestone formations and towering […]


Rising dramatically above the Santubong Coastline, this iconic mountain stands at a respectable 810 meters above sea level. Located some 35 kilometres from Kuching City and gazetted as a National Park on the 28 February 2007, it covers an area of 1410 ha.  The summit trail starts at the Santubong National Park entrance and is […]


Siniawan is one of the earliest Chinese settlement some 25km from Kuching. Through the efforts of the local community, a bustling weekend night bazaar draws visitors from surrounding areas and Kuching City to soak in the old world charms whilst sampling delicious local foods.  The two rows of antique wooden shophouses decked out with cheerful […]

Long House

Annah Rais Longhouse is a Bidayuh settlement some 60 km south of Kuching city. Situated at the foothill of Borneo Highlands along the mountain range marking Sarawak’s border with Kalimantan Indonesia, this is the most accessible longhouse experience from Kuching.  Featuring a sprawling longhouse on both sides of the river, a strong community of Bidayuhs or Land Dayaks continue […]


Explore the southwestern parts of Kuching on Pedal Power. This scenic bicycle ride is filled with historical monuments and amazing buildings. Informational stops are made along the ride for you to take in the beautiful scenery as well as to learn the interesting history behind this beautiful part of the town. This awesome ride includes […]

BEX Bike

Beautiful Kuching City can be explored on foot on your own in most cases but to really have an up close and unique experience, hop onto a bike with us as Pedal Power is best. Visit tropical gardens and parks, historical monuments, important landmarks and quaint villages on the fringe of the city with our […]


Experience this wild and thrilling ride in the exotic wilds of Borneo on a fantastic off-road trail with 90% single tracks. Itinerary: 8 am – Pickup from hotel for a 45 minutes drive towards the outskirts of Kuching. Arriving at our starting point we commence our ride through a variety of exciting terrain including untouched […]