Semenggoh Wildlife Centre No trip to Kuching and Borneo will be complete without visiting the ‘Man of the Forest’, the iconic Orangutan.  The best place to experience this special Borneo wildlife encounter will be at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC). Established in 1975 as a wildlife rehabilitation centre, the SWC is a safe and natural heaven for dozens of […]


Siniawan is one of the earliest Chinese settlement some 25km from Kuching. Through the efforts of the local community, a bustling weekend night bazaar draws visitors from surrounding areas and Kuching City to soak in the old world charms whilst sampling delicious local foods.  The two rows of antique wooden shophouses decked out with cheerful […]


The Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), an award winning ‘living museum’ is located 32km from Kuching in the shadow of majestic Mount Santubong and within walking distance from Damai Beach.  Spread over a 17-acre site, this beautifully put together property offers an excellent introduction to the cultures and lifestyles of the people of Sarawak.  Get a […]


Treat yourself to a fun filled day kayaking in some of the most beautiful natural settings around Kuching! This adventure will have you paddling leisurely on the upper reaches of the Sarawak River where depending on the season, the water can be clear and most refreshing. Savor the sights of unique limestone formations and towering […]


Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Center & Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Borneo’s most recognizable icon is undoubtedly the Orangutan.  The Malay word for ‘Man of the Forest’, the Orangutan is human being’s ‘closest cousin’ sharing 96.4% of our genetic makeup. Sarawak’s conservation efforts to rehabilitate orphaned Orangutans are centred at the Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (MWRC) and the […]


This special trek takes you deep into the Borneo rainforest from the Kelabit Highland settlement of Bario through various different tropical forest types with an abundance of flora and fauna.  Also scattered throughout this area, are the curious Megaliths, ancient rock carved monuments, which make for interesting visits.   Your overnight stays in jungle camp shelters, […]


The Kelabit recognisable via their dissapearing old practice of elongating their ears through the wearing of heavy brass bauble earrings, comprise one of the smallest ethnic groups in Sarawak living in the remote highland areas in the northern reaches of Sarawak.  Escape with us to the beauty and serenity of the cool Kelabit Highlands and discover […]