The Fairy and Wind Caves Nature Reserves are a mere hours drive from Kuching City. The Fairy Cave is approximately 3-storeys high. A quick climb through the cave opens up into a main chamber. Sunlight streams into the chamber, affording spectacular views of the limestone formation. The Wind Cave is only 10 mins drive away […]


Explore the South Western parts of Kuching on Pedal Power. This scenic bicycle ride is filled with historical monuments and amazing buildings. Informational stops are made along the ride for you to take in the beautiful scenery as well as to learn the interesting history behind this beautiful part of the town. This awesome ride […]


Beautiful Kuching City can be explored on foot on your own in most cases but to really have an up close and unique experience, hop onto a bike with us as Pedal Power is best. Visit tropical gardens and parks, historical monuments, important landmarks and quaint villages on the fringe of the city with our […]


Semenggoh Wildlife Center Your trip to Kuching and Borneo will not be complete without visiting our iconic ‘Man of the Forest’, the Orang Utan.  The best place to experience this special Borneo encounter will be at our Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC). Established in 1975 as a wildlife rehabilitation centre, the SWC’s role has since changed […]


  The Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), an award winning ‘living museum’ is located 32km from Kuching in the shadow of majestic Mount Santubong and within walking distance from Damai Beach. Spread over a 17-acre site, this beautifully put together property offers an excellent introduction to the cultures and lifestyles of the people of Sarawak. Get […]


Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Center & Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Borneo’s most recognizable icon is undoubtedly the Orang Utan.  The Malay word for ‘Man of the Forest’, the Orang Utan is human being’s ‘closest cousin’ sharing 96.4% of our genetic makeup. Sarawak’s conservation efforts to rehabilitate orphaned Orang Utans are centered at the Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre […]