Guiding Principles


Delighting our guests

We will strive to understand our client and guest needs by listening to their requirements and responding in a competent, accurate and timely fashion. We will design and deliver our services and products to address their needs. We are committed to exceeding their expectations by surprising them with our ability to anticipate and fulfill their wishes.


Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We emphasize the sharing of responsibility, accountability and recognition through a climate of teamwork. By working together as colleagues and by treating each other with mutual respect and trust, we will all contribute to the Group’s overall success more productively than if we worked alone.


We will undertake positive attitudes by taking pride in our work, maintain professional appearance at all times and use appropriate language and communication skills.  We will act with honesty, fairness and respect for others at all times. We will undertake to learn new information for both current and future problem solving and decision-making. We will strive to go beyond our job scope and take initiatives toward elevating our productivity.

Being the best

We will be an innovative leader in the tourism industry and will continually improve products and services. We will seek from our suppliers the highest quality products and services at the best value.

Respect and Dignity

We will strive to understand diversity through our respect for, listening to, and considering of the opinions, perspectives, customs, and individual differences of others.