Kubah National Park & Matang Wildlife Center

waterfall kubah

The Matang Wildlife Centre is situated at the western corner of the Kubah National Park, consisting of about 179 hectares of lowland forest.

Duration: 6 hours

Minimum: 2 pax

Price per person: RM 295.00

First you will visit Matang Wildlife Center. This center is responsible for rescuing and helping a wide variety of animals back into the wild.

All of which can be view in natural enclosures in a rainforest setting. The rescued animals being rehabilitated here include orang utan, sun bears, bear cats, civet cats, sambar deer, porcupines and crocodiles. A large aviary houses a variety of hornbills, as well as brahminy kites and sea eagles.

Next hike with your guide to the nature trail through Kubah National Park headquarters passing through some of the most impressive rainforest scenery in Sarawak. Along the way visitors will pass clear jungle waterfalls and see dozens of fascinating plant species including rare plants, orchids , pitcher plants and colorful birds along the way.