Borneo’s Jungle at Night (Santubong Night Trails)

ular hijau - santubong

Borneo’s jungles, the world’s oldest rainforest, are some of the most magical places on Earth to see nature in its full splendour. While already amazing during the day, after dark the magnificence of the forest reaches new sensory heights.

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum: 2 pax

Price per person: RM 235 nett per person

When the orang-utans go to sleep and the orchids fold up their flowers for the night, an army of very different creatures emerges, turning the forest into a kaleidoscope of sounds, sights, and scents.

There are gremlin-like primates that feast on reptiles and insects, prehistoric anteaters resembling dogs covered in reptilian scales, blue-eyed lizards and cat-like geckos, hundreds of frog species (including flying ones), thousands of bizarre bugs such as giant fireflies, bird-sized moths, and over 1200 species of praying mantis, as well as a fantastic array of glow-in-the dark mushrooms and intriguingly scented night blossoms.

A walk through the Bornean jungle at night is a truly unforgettable experience. Take a guided night walk with our experienced guide to see the jungle come alive after dark!

Return around 10.00 to 11.00pm