Village in The Clouds 2


Experience what pioneering naturalists encountered in years gone by and join us for a one of a kind tropical rainforest adventure into a pristine heart of Borneo. A stone’s throw from Sarawak’s capital city of Kuching, perched high above the Mountain Range dividing Sarawak and West Kalimantan, Indonesia are numerous idyllic Dayak Villages.  

Maintaining their symbiotic existence with the most bio-diverse tropical rainforest, the indigenous people here continue their traditional ways eking a livelihood from the rich forest and fertile land. Join us as we visit them to get a glimpse of this charming part of Borneo.

This 3 days 2 nights experience will see you travelling deep into Bidayuh (Land Dayak) country.  With many of the villages here having been recently resettled after the commissioning of the new Bengoh Water Reservoir, the traditional lifestyles of the people here have changed dramatically.  However, clinging on are several villages that have chosen to maintain their traditional ways and moved their settlements above the waterline.  It is here that we take you to experience these special people and their ways.


Duration:              3 days 2 nights

Minimum:            2 pax

Price:                    RM 888.00 per pax (inclusive Goods & Services Tax)


  • Transfers (Surcharge applies for transfer from hotels outside of Kuching City)
  • Contribution to the village community fund
  • An English speaking host/leader
  • Village style accommodation
  • 3 lunches; 2 dinners; 2 breakfasts


  • Alcoholic or canned beverages
  • Gratuities to Local Staff (at your discretion)

Special Requirements:

  • Able to take on outdoor challenges with an open mind
  • Reasonable fitness



8 am           Pickup from Accommodation

10 am         Arrive at Bengoh Dam Jetty for your boat journey over the newly formed Bengoh Lake.

10:45 am   Arrive at the trail head and commence your trek to Village 1.

12:30 am   Enjoy your packed lunch at Eagle’s Viewpoint.

3:30 pm    Arrive at Village 1. Settle into accommodation. Afternoon tea served.

4 pm          Free and easy time at the village.

7 pm          Dinner is served and retire to bed after socializing with locals.


5:45 am     Wake up call and proceed to sunrise viewing (dependent on weather).

6:30 am     Back to residence for shower, breakfast and to pack up.

9 am           Commence trek to Puba’an Shushung Waterfalls.

11 am          Arrive at and enjoy the magnificent waterfall.

12 pm         Picnic lunch follow by siesta time.

1:30 pm     Commence trek to Village 2.

4:30 pm     Arrive at Village 2 and settle into your accommodation. Free and easy.

7 pm.          Dinner served. Socialize with your host and villagers. Retire to bed.

5:45 am     Wake up call and proceed to sunrise viewing area.

8:30 am    Breakfast served. Free and easy time around Village 2.

10 am        Commence trek to pick up point.

11:45 am   Expect to arrive at pickup point to meet transport back into Kuching.

12:45 pm  Lunch at 10th Mile Bazaar.

3:00 pm   Arrive back at Singgahsana Lodge.


Please note that you are required to have a valid travel insurance to be eligible to participate in this activity. Kindly declare the details of this to us during the pre-departure briefing.  Important: Attempt this excursion only if you are fit and in good health and not against any medical advise.